More Tennis Elbow Injury Facts:

Continually using your elbow while it is injured will cause further damage and result in a slower recovery.

Left untreated, tennis elbow injuries or golfers elbow injuries can be extremely debilitating and lead to life-long complications.

Incomplete healing and re-injury can lead to a build up of scar tissue in the elbow causing further injury. The T•Shellz Wrap® is a very effective treatment device to aid in scar tissue breakdown of epicondylitis.

To heal as fast as possible:

  • Rest
  • Use a Cold Compress or Ice Pack to reduce pain, swelling.
  • Use T•Shellz treatments to accelerate the body's natural healing.
  • Avoid pain killers
  • Once swelling is reduced and healing has begun, start stretching the injured joint after warming up with a T•Shellz Wrap®. (stretching=good, straining=bad)

Tennis Elbow is the most common overuse injury for the elbow joint.


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How To Prevent Tennis Elbow

If you play competitive sports, you know that there are risks with physical activity.

Prevent Tennis Elbow with proper equipment and techniques

It is always better to prevent tennis elbow rather than attempt to fix the injury after it has happened. There are a number of things you can do to keep your elbow, wrist and forearm healthy and prevent further damage.

You can reduce the risk of injury with a training program including warm-up, cool-down, and stretching exercises. Resistance training will help prepare your body for participation in physical activity.

Use Correct Technique


Correct Tennis racquet positioning

To stabilize your elbow joint and preserve your range of motion, maintain and build the strength and flexibility of your forearm, upper arm and shoulder muscles and tendons. Strengthening and stretching exercises will help to keep your arm strong and supple, which will prevent further injuries. Also, a regular exercise program that focuses on total body fitness will keep you healthy overall.

Avoid doing too much to soon to give your body an opportunity to build up its endurance, especially when starting a new activity. Gradually increase your participation to prevent overstraining your muscles. Remember to always warm up and cool down your forearm muscles before and after working them.

Prevent Injury By Utilizing Your Whole Body

Twisting of the wrist

Learn and practice proper form and techniques to prevent injuries by utilizing your total body when possible, for example swinging a racquet with your whole arm rather than just your wrist. Keep your wrist in a neutral and/or slightly rigid position, and use your stronger upper arm muscles, rather than smaller forearm muscles when lifting or twisting. This is especially important when participating in something new such as a racquet sport, swimming, weightlifting, or throwing sports.

A number of ways to prevent tennis elbow (or any soft tissue) injury is through proper training, techniques, and equipment. Some helpful tips and techniques can include but are not limited to:

  • Using a straight, firm wrist to hit the ball in front of your body
  • Following through your actions and movements with your whole body, instead of isolating a specific muscle, like the ones in your forearm
  • Working with a certified sports instructor to perfect your technique, reducing the stress placed on your elbow
  • Changing your grip; use a two handed backhand instead of using one hand
  • Avoiding a grip that is too tight when handling your racquet
  • Having the distance of your grip assessed by a certified trainer. A grip distance that is too short or too wide can cause problems
  • For racquet sports, choose a racquet with a flexible shaft and a large 'sweet spot'. Flexible racquets are shock-absorbing and will be gentler on your arm
  • Reducing the tension in your strings to 55 pounds or less. This will increase the amount of time the ball spends on your racquet and disperse the shock. Thinner strings have better shock-absorption
  • Using a new, pressurized tennis ball

Wrist, Elbow and Forearm Pain

Tennis Elbow, Wrist, Forearm pain pattern

Choose correct equipment for your body type, the size and weight of your equipment and tools definitely makes a difference.

If you are suffering from wrist, elbow or forearm pain, decrease, modify and/or avoid any repetitive motions that cause irritation (usually twisting or gripping actions). If you are required to perform these motions at work or play and can not avoid them, make sure you take frequent breaks and rest your arm to prevent fatigue.

Understanding Your Environment

The best way to prevent an injury is to understand the risk factors of your activity, how an injury can occur, and what role your environment plays in your health and well-being. Eliminate potential hazards to prevent potential injury. Find out what the causes and symptoms of Tennis Elbow include.

Whether you play a sport, use repetitive movements of your arm during your favorite pass time, or have a physically demanding job, you should be able to identify potential risks.

  • Avoid activities that exert excessive stress and strain on your forearm muscles
  • Avoid awkward or uncomfortable postures and movements. Use smooth motions instead of erratic, jerky movements.
  • Arrange your work or activity station to fit your body. Make sure objects are accessible without over reaching or over extending your arm.
  • Remember to schedule in physical and mental rest periods. Keep yourself properly fed and hydrated.
  • Understand that Tennis Elbow is a result of not using the proper muscles correctly. Effective prevention comes from understanding risks that can affect other parts of your body (including your fingers, wrist, hand, forearm, and shoulder)
  • Make sure you understand how to use equipment and are trained on using tools or performing tasks. Don't use equipment that is too heavy or that you are not trained to use.


Before engaging in any physical activity, you should do some light warm up exercises such as stretching and cardio. After your activity, gradually reduce your heart rate through cool-down exercise including stretching and yoga. Using Blood Circulation Boost will increase the elasticity in your tissue fibres, increasing your range of motion and making it easier for you to stretch.

Stretch your arms, elbows, shoulders and upper body before activity to warm up and prevent injury

Having a limited range of motion of your arm/elbow limits the overall performance of your body. Cross-training will help prepare your body for activity. Try something that doesn't rely on the same muscles you use for your main sport or activity. Swimming, running, cycling, yoga, and lower body resistance training can be very good for your overall health.

Self-management of weight is important to eat a healthy, well balanced diet and participate in regular activity, regardless of your fitness level. Speak to a nutritionist and physical therapist to develop a diet and exercise routine catered to your lifestyle and fitness goals.

Don't Over-do It!

Repetitive stress injuries, such as Tennis Elbow, result from chronic overuse. You need to rest and give yourself a chance to recover after physical activity to avoid injury. Conservative treatments such as cooling and heating therapies are not only used to treat injuries, but are also used in postoperative rehabilitation after surgery. In fact, the best way to prevent an injury is to consistently incorporate conservative treatments into your training routine.

While rest is important, good blood circulation is key to the health of your body. So, what to do if you need rest, but also want to maintain proper blood flow circulation? Blood Circulation Boost provides the best preventative treatment for anyone who regularly uses repetitive and stressful movements involving the arms, shoulders, in fact, any part of your body!

Blood Circulation Boost =
Elbow T•Shellz Wrap® =
Accelerated Healing Power for Your Elbow Injury

Struggling To Heal And Cure Your Tennis Elbow?
What You Can Do!

We Have Advanced Treatment Tools to Help You
Speed Up Healing of Your Tennis elbow!

The good news is that most cases of tennis elbow will heal with simple home conservative treatments and surgery is often not needed! It's generally understood by doctors and surgeons, that surgery will introduce more scar tissue into the elbow. This added scar tissue will be problematic, requiring physical therapy and conservative treatment options post-surgery. This is why surgery is only performed as a last resort for chronic elbow injuries or a fractured bone that won't heal with conservative treatment methods.

The best option we came across in our research to accomplish true healing of elbow injuries is the Elbow T•Shellz Wrap®. Use of this device results in a dramatic increase in blood flow to the injured tissues located deeper within the body - all in a non-invasive manner.

T•Shellz Wrap® = Accelerated Healing Power for Your Elbow Injury

electromagnetic elbow deep tissue repair

The Elbow T•Shellz Wrap® is based on the scientifically validated principal of Electromagnetic energy as we discussed previously. This form of treatment is safe and effective as shown in numerous studies which can be referenced through the National Library of Medicine. Professional athletes and those in the medical field have been users of the technology for decades - it really hasn't been until recently that companies like ours introduced the treatment devices to the home user.

The healing energy from the T•Shellz Wrap® does not absorb into the skin - it absorbs directly into the damaged muscle and soft tissue (as a result, you will not feel the same level of heat on the skin versus a heating pad). The longer wavelength provides the electromagnetic energy wrap with the capability of penetrating deep into the body (well over two and a half inches).

EM energy emitted from the T•Shellz Wrap® is absorbed by high protein tissue (muscle, tendon, ligament, cartilage) and is converted into Kinetic energy - much of this energy being released as heat. Overall, EM energy will warm soft tissues, improve blood circulation, and boost metabolism and enzyme activity. In stimulating localized blood flow to damaged soft tissue, you provide needed oxygen, nutrients, and antibodies to regenerate new, healthy collagen. In addition, you will experience a clearing of toxins and excess fluid build up from the injury site. Over the intermediate term, this helps to reduce incidents of swelling as trapped fluids will be whisked away - reducing pressure on blood vessels.

Using the T-Shell Wrap is truly a unique experience. Within moments of applying a treatment to your injured elbow, you can feel the healing sensation due to the increase in blood flow deep within the area. During a treatment, and for quite some time after you finish, the treated area will feel relaxed and less painful. It's a very soothing sensation and extremely effective.

Increased Blood Circulation = Increased Healing Rate


The Elbow T•Shellz Wrap® is an FDA Registered Medical Device and is suitable for use in therapeutic clinics and FROM HOME. It is completely safe for people and patients to use for themselves.

As mentioned earlier, the use of electromagnetic energy is becoming much more commonplace in North America for everyday people. The technology has been used for decades in the worlds of professional and amateur - a contributing factor as to why athletes seem to recover from injuries so quickly.

Have you ever wondered by an athlete can return to activity after 3 or 4 weeks following a severe elbow injury - while your average person takes much longer to return back to normal? The secret isn't really that much of a secret - it involves consistent treatments (meaning multiple times a day) using a diathermy treatment like the T•Shellz Wrap® to stimulate blood flow to the injured tissues. Most athletes have the luxury of using in-house therapy facilities many times per day.

Consistent Treatments = Consistent And Long Term Improvement


How many us can afford the time and money to visit a therapy clinic multiple times a day? Very few indeed. This is how you can gain the same advantage that athletes enjoy in healing their own injuries - by using a device like the Elbow T•Shellz Wrap® two or three times a day on a consistent basis.

Use A Blood Circulation Boost Tennis Elbow T•Shellz Wrap®:

Elbow TShellz Wrap boost healing
  • After swelling and inflammation have been reduced with cold compression.
  • Before exercise or workouts to warm up your elbow to prevent re-injury.
  • Before and after tennis elbow surgery, during rehabilitation, to warm up your elbow before physical therapy exercising or stretching.
  • Anytime you feel your elbow has stiffened up, is tight and your mobility is reduced causing you more pain.
  • Anytime you have sore or aching tissue in and around your elbow.
  • Any other situation where you need to increase blood flow to your elbow to relax your soft tissue, relieve pain, prevent re-injury and enhance flexibility of your tissue.

Would you like to discuss techniques for Preventing Tennis Elbow with our Trained Product Advisors?

Our extensive research and time within the industry will be of great benefit to you - giving you proven tips on preventing these conditions from becoming complicated matters... Like they are for most people. Developing a course of action sooner rather than later will put you in a better position for quicker and more sustainable improvement.

Living with Tennis Elbow is never easy and we can help provide answers about prevention, causes, treatment options, potential stretches/exercise to consider, and ways to manage the condition for the short & long term.

Prevention and Promotion of Lifelong Health

guaranteed customer satisfaction

If you want to avoid re-injury, or manage pain and increase circulation for lifelong health benefits, an Elbow TShellz Wrap will provide exceptional results. Why spend time in pain, off from work, and missing out on your active lifestyle when you can be proactive about your injury and the health of your body? Talk to your doctor about incorporating a regular routine of using Blood Circulation Boost into your everyday health regimen.

If you are still uncertain which route to go or if you would like to discuss issues affecting your elbow or other soft tissue injuries, then do not hesitate to contact a AidMyTennisElbow Advisor immediately by phone North America Toll Free 1-866-237-9608 | Outside North America +1-705-532-1671 or email


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During your recovery, you will probably have to modify and/or eliminate any activities that cause pain or discomfort at the location of your soft tissue injury until the pain and inflammation settle. Always consult your doctor and/or Physical Therapist before using any of our outstanding products, to make sure they are right for you and your condition. The more diligent you are with your treatment and rehabilitation, the faster you will see successful results!

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Tennis Elbow Injury Facts:

Tennis Elbow is a common name used for an acute form of tendonitis in the tendon fibers that attach the forearm muscles to the elbow.

Overuse injuries of the elbow are commonly associated with athletes however, overuse injuries are most common in occupational areas.

Symptoms of epicondylitis include pain, swelling, bruising and tenderness. Other symptoms may also include hand numbness or hand weakness.

Only 5% of people diagnosed with Tennis Elbow actually play tennis.

Cell Phone Elbow (a.k.a Cubital Tunnel Syndrome) can develop from excessive cell phone use where the ulna nerve is stretched for a long period of time.

This restricts the blood flow to the elbow and can cause the nerves to become weakened and scarred. If you feel pain or numbness in the hand (in particular the pinky and ring fingers) whilst using a cell phone, change hands or use a bluetooth.

Elbow injuries can be secondary to an injury elsewhere in the body. The elbow injury may be caused by the body compensating for an injury to the neck, shoulder or wrist.


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